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  • Writing a thesis: LaTeX tidbits

    So I’m writing my thesis and I’m very fond of AndrĂ© Miede’s classicthesis LaTeX template: it looks slick and has a ton of options. This month, he released version 4.2, the first update in three years. I was already using his previous version, but I decided to migrate, as there were a few fixes relevant to my interests. I like … Keep reading
  • Social Simulation 4 Serious Games and other work

    tl;dr I began a Special Interest Group called Social Simulation 4 Serious Games (SS4SG); a master student I supervised graduated on his work on perceptions and assumptions in the Virtual Storyteller; a paper and an article based on my master thesis on adaptive difficulty in a serious game have been published and accepted for publication; my CASA workshop paper on … Keep reading