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  • Autumn school on Serious Games & Contemporary AI

    Last week, I attended a two-day autumn school on serious games and contemporary artificial intelligence (AI), organised by SIKS. Several people presented their views on serious games, among which Joost van Ooijen (VSTEP) on multi-agent systems in serious games, Ivo Swartjes (Ranj) on narrative design, and Thomas de Groot (T-Xchange) on AI in board games. I also had the opportunity to present my … Keep reading
  • SIKS – Research Methodology

    Last week, I partook in a three-day course on research methodology (together with Thomas) at Landgoed Huize Bergen in Vught, organised by the SIKS research school. To get directly to the point, I found the practical assignment Hans Weigand gave us the most useful part of the course. Of course, this assignment was introduced via a short lecture, in which Hans explained the concepts of the problem bundle, … Keep reading
  • SIKS tutorial on Interactive Systems

    Last week, I partook in a two-day course on interactive systems organised by SIKS (the research School for Information and Knowledge Systems). During the first day, Paul de Bra of the Technical University of Eindhoven gave an extensive talk about interaction design and what its caveats are. The second lecturer of day one was Frank Nack of the University of Amsterdam, we went … Keep reading