• LARPing, doctoral consortium, CASA, IVA and SBG

    tl;dr CASA was useful, IVA was nice, the doctoral consortium was small, but OK, the LARP was very interesting and two papers were accepted at SBG. At the end of August, I had the honour to take a flight to the country of whisky: Scotland. Cliché as it was, as soon as I stepped out of the bus that brought … Keep reading
  • FDG, CMN, IVA and ICIDS conferences

    It has been a while since my last update, but things have not been standing still. In May, I visited the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG) conference in Chania, Crete together with Thomas de Groot. The FDG conference is broad in nature: it encompasses the whole of gaming, dividing the realm in games (as products), technology, gameplay and game design. We … Keep reading
  • I passed two MOOCs

    Thanks to Coursera, I passed two Massive Open Online Courses—MOOCs—last month: Game Theory, lectured by Kevin Leyton-Brown, Matthew Jackson and Yoav Shoham from Stanford University and Artificial Intelligence Planning, taught by Gerhard Wickler and Austin Tate from the University of Edinburgh. I even received a badge for completing the latter course! With my background in AI, I did have a … Keep reading
  • Judging at Global Game Jam NL 2013 at Saxion, Enschede

    The Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2013: thousands of game designers joined hands during 48 hours, spread over 321 sites in 63 countries all over the world. I had the privilege of judging ten contesting teams at one such site, namely at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede. Based on a single sound byte of a beating heart—as all teams participating in the GGJ … Keep reading
  • SIKS – Research Methodology

    Last week, I partook in a three-day course on research methodology (together with Thomas) at Landgoed Huize Bergen in Vught, organised by the SIKS research school. To get directly to the point, I found the practical assignment Hans Weigand gave us the most useful part of the course. Of course, this assignment was introduced via a short lecture, in which Hans explained the concepts of the problem bundle, … Keep reading
  • Re-designing the VST with help from Ivo Swartjes

    Last Monday, Ivo Swartjes paid the UT a visit by treating the CREATE bachelor students with a presentation about the company he is currently working at: RANJ, which specialises in serious games. He has been a PhD student at the HMI department from 2006 until 2010, during which he worked on interactive storytelling and developed a large portion of the Virtual Storyteller (VST) … Keep reading
  • ICT.OPEN and ICT Delta 2012

    This week, I spent three days (October 22, 23, 24) in Rotterdam at both the ICT.OPEN conference and the ICT Delta event, situated in the WTC Congress Center. I had submitted a short proposal paper for a doctoral consortium that was to be held, but alas, the consortium was replaced by a symposium with various speakers from all the corners … Keep reading