Book chapter & IVA conference

Half a year since my latest update, oops. I’ve been busy running experiments with police students which I have summarized in a paper accepted for publication at this year’s Intelligent Virtual Agents conference, held in Delft at the end of August. Additionally, I will demo our game (LOITER-TB, LOITER – Thought Bubbles edition) we used for our experiments at that conference. In LOITER-TB, we use thought bubbles to show the attitude of a virtual character towards the player. We hypothesized that this would help players in understanding how several scenarios would play out, but, regretfully, the results of our experiment did not directly support our ideas.

Together with Merijn Bruijnes (and a lot more people from HMI), I analysed police interviews to determine the important factors underlying such interactions. This took place at the end of 2013, and our research has just been published as a book chapter in a book called Conflict and Multimodal Communication – Social Research and Machine Intelligence.

Additionally, I updated my publications page, as all my current publications (except the IVA one) have been published online with all the relevant metadata.