I passed two MOOCs

Thanks to Coursera, I passed two Massive Open Online Courses—MOOCs—last month: Game Theory, lectured by Kevin Leyton-Brown, Matthew Jackson and Yoav Shoham from Stanford University and Artificial Intelligence Planning, taught by Gerhard Wickler and Austin Tate from the University of Edinburgh. I even received a badge for completing the latter course!

“Awarded to all participants who successfully complete the MOOC at the Foundation Level.”

With my background in AI, I did have a fair amount of knowledge concerning both topics, but still, the two courses both refreshed my memory and gave me new insights. While the Game Theory course was a bit too biased toward mathematics (at least, for my taste), there were some interesting ideas floating around. AI planning, on the other hand, provided us students with an enormous load of information on the history of planning—I must confess I did not cover all of it, but I am sure it will serve as a good reference work.

All in all, these two courses were a nice introduction to MOOCs, as I did not have any previous experience with them, and I can recommend anyone to try and attend a course beneficial to his or her area of interest. The only thing you need on your hands is time: more often than not, a lot of reading and doing exercises is involved! For me, it was almost as if I was back in the school banks…

Sites that offer MOOCs: