• Associate Lector @ Saxion

    It’s been more than a year since my last update; a lot has changed. I was happy to find an excellent position at Saxion University of Applied Sciences as a researcher/lecturer and have recently made the step to become an Associate Lector at the research group (lectoraat) Ambient Intelligence. Plenty of cool projects on interactive digital technology and machine learning … Keep reading
  • Dissertation: Meta Matters in Interactive Storytelling and Serious Gaming

    The day is almost there: I will defend my PhD research on May 4. The dissertation is available through the Open Access Repository of the University of Twente here: http://doc.utwente.nl/104595/. The accompanying propositions (stellingen) are the following (English): Stories, both classical and interactive, can be experienced in different ways. The moments during which readers change perspective reveal the most about … Keep reading
  • Workshop, poster, award! Human-Robot Interaction 2017

    Oops, this post took a bit longer to actually get posted, with my PhD defence closing in and attempts at getting a video ready on Snoozle, our robotic pillow. Anyway, this is a short retrospect on this year’s conference on Human-Robot Interaction in Vienna. I was happy to be immersed in this community by helping out with a full-day workshop … Keep reading
  • R3D3 at the Dutch Police Academy

    On the 9th of December, the Police Academy hosted an innovation day for police personnel to find out about current and future technological innovations that are of interest to law enforcement. Among these were computer vision applications for surveillance, eagle-drone interaction and R3D3. Together with Kasper van Zon of VicarVision and Pascale van de Ven from the department of Robotics … Keep reading
  • Finishing my PhD and beginning a new project

    Having carried out the final experiment of my PhD research, all that’s left to be done is to wrap up the past four years in a nice thesis. The main body of the book is already present, the structure needs some careful thought; the main things I have to create are the introduction and the conclusion. Release date: this year. … Keep reading
  • Organising the 1st VASST workshop

    At this year’s INTETAIN conference, Merijn Bruijnes and I will organise the 1st Virtual Agents for Social Skills Training (VASST) workshop. This workshop aims to give an overview of recent¬†developments of interactive virtual agent applications that are intended for training the social skills of the user. The complete call for papers can be found here: http://www.intetain.org/2016/show/vasst-2016 … Keep reading
  • Writing a thesis: LaTeX tidbits

    So I’m writing my thesis and I’m very fond of Andr√© Miede’s classicthesis LaTeX template: it looks slick and has a ton of options. This month, he released version 4.2, the first update in three years. I was already using his previous version, but I decided to migrate, as there were a few fixes relevant to my interests. I like … Keep reading