Book reviews

Dan Simmons - Endymion (Hyperion Cantos #3)

Every review about Endymion inevitably mentions the Hyperion Cantos, so lets get it over with at the start. No, Endymion is not as good as the preceding two novels, yet neither does it really pale in comparison. It is, indeed, on a different level, but it still more

Greg Egan - Diaspora

I always thought I read and liked hard science fiction. Silly me, I was never exposed to Egan before I read this novel.

Let’s list the facts. Diaspora starts off with tens of pages describing how a future artificial consciousness comes into existence. This lengthy treatise is apparently more

Music reviews

Leprous - Bilateral

The new definition of prog… Well, that suggestion is perhaps too strong. Still, I feel that Leprous’ sophomore album does right to the term ‘progressive’ metal as I keep seeing it. That is, in its literal use, meaning progression beyond the conservative styles of music, something which is more