Dan Simmons – Endymion (Hyperion Cantos #3)

Every review about Endymion inevitably mentions the Hyperion Cantos, so lets get it over with at the start. No, Endymion is not as good as the preceding two novels, yet neither does it really pale in comparison. It is, indeed, on a different level, but it still is worth the while—with one reservation I will point out in some sentences.

It seems that Simmons has tried to incorporate a frame tale again, as he did in Hyperion, but this time in the form of the protagonists visiting different planets with different tales. This works to some degree and there are some very good sections of prose to grab my attention. Yet the main difficulty I had with the narrative was that it seemed so… unguided. I had a vague idea of where this was all going, but the reservation I have is that this is again only the first part of a duology, so I am holding up my hopes for The Rise of Endymion, the successor to this novel.

I.e., Endymion is a good start to an incomplete narrative; The Rise of Endymion is essential to read hereafter. I hope it delivers.

4 / 5