Daily Archives: 2016-11-20

Digital photography is cool, but so is analogue. With a few lenses I inherited and a brand-second hand 35 mm camera, I’ve been taking pictures now and then. While some of these turned out quite well (imo), they remained analogue and never made it into a digital format. As it […]

Scanning film negatives

I finally took the effort to breathe some life into this website again. Photos are now available at the corresponding page (and on my flickr). I’m especially proud of the one at the bottom of this post. I’m performing science, see jmlin.eu/phd. Reviews are up slowly appearing on this site […]

Activity, at last

The new definition of prog… Well, that suggestion is perhaps too strong. Still, I feel that Leprous’ sophomore album does right to the term ‘progressive’ metal as I keep seeing it. That is, in its literal use, meaning progression beyond the conservative styles of music, something which is phrased better […]

Leprous – Bilateral

I always thought I read and liked hard science fiction. Silly me, I was never exposed to Egan before I read this novel. Let’s list the facts. Diaspora starts off with tens of pages describing how a future artificial consciousness comes into existence. This lengthy treatise is apparently based on […]

Greg Egan – Diaspora