0008 Spinning

– before this happened, there must have been something else, right? It feels like the wheels of time are turning, but not at a steady space – they’re accelerating to the point where I cannot see the spokes anymore. Everywhere I go, everything I see, feel, touch, hear and sense in any way – I’ve seen it all before. Everything repeats. There is no end, only an infinite chain of events spiralling around a centre that is obscured by layers of circles. Civilizations loop, empires crumble and are rebuilt, extinctions follow massive births follow extinctions once again. Our lives loop, sustained indefinitely. We have come so far from our primordial puddle, but there is only one certainty: we will meet an end that will only be an end for our temporary selves – it will also yield a new beginning. I’ve seen it happen all too often now, across many worlds, many systems, cycles stacked upon more cycles. We’re looking forward, but at the same time we’re looking back. We see it coming, but we’re simply too focused on progressing on our path to see our beginning catch up with us and meet us at the end, our demise. Yet we curdle up into our safe little shells, re-think the same thoughts again and again, promise ourselves that we will survive, that we will be the exception. Time and time again, the opposite has been proven, but no-one halts long enough to realise this. Even I must confess I keep retracing my steps. As a matter of fact, more than a slight sense of déjà vu has crept up on me. These words, so familiar, these thoughts, so known. Why am I thinking this again? Hasn’t this all happened before –