0007 Risky art

Twixt the stars we roam
Home is neither close nor far
Where to go from here?

“I didn’t know you were into this kind of artsy-fartsy business?”

At the sudden sound of Edra’s voice, Kira would have jumped, were it not that both the Velcro straps attaching her to her bunk and the lack of space withheld her from doing so. She threw down the pad she had used to scribble down her thoughts and doodles.

“Bugger, old man, got nothing better to do than sneaking up on me?” She gave him a foul look.

Edra couldn’t help but chuckle. “Oh come on, the past few weeks you’ve been the most lively person of the lot on-board and all out of nothing, you’re gone from public sight. As far as that’s actually possible in this shithole of a cruiser.” He slammed the wall to his side with a clenched fist, letting the sound resonate through the thick walls that shielded them from radiation and micro-asteroids. “C’mon, you were Miss Nice-and-Sociable and now you’re suddenly a petulant poet? What’s up, Kira?”

Kira looked down, then flashed up her eyes to Edra’s. He hadn’t noticed before that they were so rich in colour. Kira spoke softly: “I’ll tell you what’s up… Edra. I don’t feel all too well, indeed.” She got up from her small bunk and pushed herself closer to him. Edra gave her a strange look, but couldn’t take his eyes away from hers. “You see, I’m not feeling really at home anymore – I guess you could say I feel homesick.” She chuckled at this and took his shoulders with both her hands; he was unable to resist. Edra saw her eyes slowly turning a filthy shade of green and felt like screaming. Kira comforted him: “Don’t worry, I’ll feel better soon – you’re just the man to help me!”

At the look she gave him at that moment, Edra opened his mouth, but hers was already on his. The last thing he experienced was the feeling of barbed wire running down his throat combined with the sound of an unearthly, primordial howl that seemed to long for a place to call home.