0004 Exit world

Periodical Report X-1167038

Date: 2035-06-11

Patient ID: 177900409

Patient name: ____, ____ (unknown, file under “Doe, John”)

Mental state: deteriorating to the point of no longer being aware of surroundings. More delusory than in previous sessions; patient is causing physical injuries to himself.

Suggested treatment: immediate transferal to Degree 3 Warden

Notes: this session marks patient’s tenth month in this institution. Patient’s condition has only deteriorated further over time. Patient keeps repeating the statement that this world is not real, literally: “What kind of world are we living in?” Previous analyses indicated that, due to severe head trauma, patient has adopted a different personality. Cause for head trauma unknown, no external injuries of any kind visible. Real name still unknown as well, patient refers to himself simply as “James”, and keeps proclaiming he does not understand why everything is different all of sudden. When asked what has changed, patient responds by saying that everything has changed. Further inquiries about the nature of the changes are met with the question of what the current year is. When told the date, patient repeatedly goes into a bout of rage. Patient also under the influence of short-term memory deficits, probably because of head trauma. Patient does not seem to remember any previous visits at all, only one specific encounter that occurred just before patient was taken into this institution. Patient mumbles about a woman called Kathy, how they spend their time together, but patient mentions to have seen her on the street that day. Patient says she didn’t recognize him at all – for obvious reasons, as patient did not have a cerebral implant or femto-Q-code at that time. It was only when he got here that, after the usual treatment, patient was able to communicate normally, via tele-thought, and get the proper visual overlays to navigate through the augreal. Unclear why patient was not in possession of either implant, no trace of personal information on metaweb.

Closing remarks: case of patient 177900409 deemed unsolvable.