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The irony of it all wasn’t lost on him. Yet he didn’t feel the smallest drop of regret. The shiny nickel in the dark sky reminded him of the place he wished for peace and solace – just some indefinite time to spend all by himself, away from the business that […]

0010 Lost in thoughts

“Oh, it’s just on the tip of my tongue!” She looked at him with big eyes, her mind high on the feeling of being just out of reach of… something. He grinned at her. “If you think that was good, try this one.” He took the small vial marked T.O.T.T. […]

0009 Try before you buy

– before this happened, there must have been something else, right? It feels like the wheels of time are turning, but not at a steady space – they’re accelerating to the point where I cannot see the spokes anymore. Everywhere I go, everything I see, feel, touch, hear and sense […]

0008 Spinning

Twixt the stars we roam Home is neither close nor far Where to go from here? “I didn’t know you were into this kind of artsy-fartsy business?” At the sudden sound of Edra’s voice, Kira would have jumped, were it not that both the Velcro straps attaching her to her […]

0007 Risky art

He turned to herself: “Let’s get your opinion on this.” To which she replied to himself: “Oh no, not this again.” The curling of the left corner of his lip matched hers; it had been like this since they had met. They would ask themselves questions to see where their […]

0006 Engendered

Periodical Report X-1167038 Date: 2035-06-11 Patient ID: 177900409 Patient name: ____, ____ (unknown, file under “Doe, John”) Mental state: deteriorating to the point of no longer being aware of surroundings. More delusory than in previous sessions; patient is causing physical injuries to himself. Suggested treatment: immediate transferal to Degree 3 Warden […]

0004 Exit world

“Nope, this isn’t either.” Jaime heedlessly threw the small sprout over his shoulder on the ever-growing heap of uprooted plants. Ritxi sighed a short breath that slowly evaporated in the cold morning air. “All work and no play makes Jaime a dull boy, eh?” “Well, we ought to find one […]

0003 It’s the natural thing to do

Turning right here is just what they would expect, Mari’a thought. For sure, the neuragents should’ve learned this much by now – we have been going at it for at least a dozen kiloticks. Her usual feeling of control over such situations was entirely undermined by the lack of any […]

0002 To end the game